I have been dating this guy for 4 years and we’ve had a relatively jolly good relationship but a problem has been lurking and I recently decided to speak up about it.

I have a problem with the fact that females feel comfortable to call him severally, nothing work-related, but to get hourly reports on how he’s doing. Its so annoying, they call even at odd hours when we’re together and he still receives their calls.

Whenever I ask, he says they are his friends and he is just being nice and we don’t know who might help in future.

That line maddens me, coz none of them can ever help him in life, but still he remains friends with them.

Funny thing is even if he puts my picture up as his DP on WhatsApp it doesn’t stop them from hitting him up.

Some even have the nerve to comment on my picture when he puts it up. I haven’t seen any outright cheating signs but I’m really disturbed and I’m tired of complaining.

I had to tell him he needed to cut ties with those girls coz I’ve basically cut of guys for him, so i feel he should be able to do that for me too.

Please I need your advice on what I should do…

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